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❗There is even a word, lunaediesophobia (I guess the spelling is as complex as trying to get out of your bed), for the fear or extreme dislike of #mondays.

Whenever I deliver a program on a Monday morning, you can tell it is a “Monday morning”. As I wait for all the participants to join the session, I start chatting with the ones who have already entered, and the feeling one gets is that the prospect of another working week looms inexorably.

🌨🌨 🌨 To be honest, I have been experiencing the same feeling on different occasions. (Besides, it seems the problem has intensified since the pandemic as home and work boundaries have blurred, leaving less time for employees to switch off).

🌞 Since everyone experiences the Monday blues differently, and what works for one person may not work for another, I don’t think there are effective tricks to face the Monday blues.

However, for me, the only mantra that works all the time is 

“It is called Monday, and It is just another opportunity to make the best of your day and week ahead”.

🌈 What are your tricks to face the Monday blues?

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