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Kapirum is based on the Italian word "capire" which means "to understand". This is at the heart of what we do.

People do not change unless they understand why, and it is only if we have this understanding that genuine personal commitment to change can be achieved. We use our skills to engage with people at a deeper level in order to make this happen.

Our Approach

There is so much evidence that lots of training does not work very well-lots of time and money wasted. We roll our eyes and groan when we see this kind of work-and it doesn't deliver results. We don't just want people to have a 'fun day out' with a few actors - we need it to make a clear improvement. At Kapirum we really like this kind of work and feel that we are pretty good at it (see our testimonials and client list). We would like to work with others who think that people are worth investing in and valuable in making an excellent business/organisation.
Much research from the last 30 years (Prof Richard Boyatzis - competencies, Daniel Goleman -emotional intelligence) shows us that behaviour can make a massive difference to results in the workplace.
"People ARE competitive advantage" Prof David Ulrich, organisational performance expert.
"Soft skills produce hard profits”, Julian Richer, founder and CEO of Richer Sounds (successful and well respected UK business leader for over 20 years).
What is essential is both an excellent personal and business outcome - not one or the other.
Kapirum is all about high-quality interpersonal skills development that is remembered, effectively used and produces better results for the individual and the organisation.

Why Are We Different?

This is not just a 'new angle' on old stuff - poor actors grabbing some corporate cash - this is not having a fun day out the office larking about. This is about deeper engagement and connection - it is about individuals understanding and owning the effects of their behaviour. It is about working with the individual and helping them to achieve better results in a work environment.
Performers develop skills in understanding human behaviour, motivation, and then use this to fully engage an audience at a personal and emotional level. This produces powerful insights in participants who take it seriously because they feel it. This increases the motivation for action and improvement. It is about achieving effective development and greater capability. Also, the room is full of energy and engagement which everyone enjoys.

Holistic Approach

We and you have seen too much mediocre training. To combat this, we want to fully understand the workplace situation (culture, context, HRM strategy) within which the performance improvement is needed. Much research (and HR professionals experience) shows that training that is not connected to the person and the reality of the situation is mediocre at best. Some firms talk about this approach - we take it seriously and practice it. Research and our experience are that it consistently delivers better results.

Comprehensive Range of Expertise

Our team, whilst based around individual and small group development, includes expertise ranging from Strategic HRM through leadership development programmes (with major UK business schools), performance management, interpersonal skills training, and down to specifics such as individual coaching. We are sincere in our focus on people but have a strong sense of your business performance and training-value needs. Our work is strongly grounded in well-proven theory (David Kolb-adult learning, Richard Boyatzis-behavioural competency)

The Best Solution

We want to help you to achieve the best solution possible in your situation. We won't promise things we cannot do. We are optimistic and like a challenge, but we are not dreamers. We have a wide knowledge and expertise in this field, and we would seek to use whatever models or ideas we have that we believe will make the most significant impact for you - on the criteria you define.
We do believe that the performance of people depends on context and culture. We will use knowledge and models that will work in your particular environment. The Army can be very effective in leadership, but we wouldn't propose their model for a University. 'Horses for courses' is the old term for this, but it has serious roots in organisational research and practice.

Kapirum Consulting

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