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Kapirum is based on the Italian word "capire" which means "to understand". This is at the heart of what we do.

Simone is one of our most experienced senior associates. He has worked with Acanthus Associates since 2016 and brings warmth, creativity and insight to the team.
He combines his considerable coaching expertise with business savvy and compassion. He has a positive, can-do attitude, is a great team player and someone who is liked, respected and trusted by clients and associates alike. Simone's holistic approach to his practice is based on a strong belief that we can unlock our full potential by developing a deep understanding of ourselves and how we react to others. This makes him a great fit into the Acanthus family/team and our approach. In addition, Simone has the ability to balance his passion for his work and his intuition with clarity of understanding of the process - he knows how to weave learning and development objectives into overall commercial strategy.
Simone drives innovation; he had embraced a new approach to virtual delivery long before COVID, so his experience has proved invaluable to our clients and to us. His clarity regarding the technical aspect of delivery, his calmness if faced with technical challenge combined with his personal warmth, is a very successful mix.
Simone has a very special combination of talent and methodology; he is clear-headed, and his enthusiasm is engaging without ever overwhelming, and he is a joy to work with.”

Nicky Thompson
Director, Acanthus Associates Ltd
Simone supported us in designing and running a virtual co-creation workshop with 30 participants from 10 countries dialing in from their home offices. Simone listens well to understand the needs of the customer & circumstances to deliver a customised concept. He provided us with meaningful insights what makes virtual meetings a success and prepared us well. He is a sunshine yellow type of guy, motivating, inspiring, a perfect ceremony master to run a complex virtual event. It felt as close to F2F as possible.
Andrea Hanefeld
Director, Head of GHO Innovation Network, Merck
Ever since I first met Simone, I knew he was the perfect fit for Sladen Consulting. Simone is a pleasure to work with, he is fast paced, creative, adaptable and solution oriented. Never mind what client challenge I take to him, he is able to come up with new and creative ways of engaging audiences. He is able to build rapport fast, be it a group of 25 technical scientists, or for a larger gathering, most recently of 500 sales professionals. I would highly recommend Simone. 
Richard Colley
Founder of Sladen Consulting and Partner at Sladen Lodge - Management Retreat
It was a pleasure working with Simone. He facilitated a virtual meeting for our Project Team and managed it so well that even a virtual meeting felt like a F2F meeting in a way. He is super engaging, keeps the spirit in the session very high and is an absolute joy to work with. Thank you so much, Simone!
Tamara Neubert
Senior Project Manager Purpose & Engagement at Healthcare Business of Merck
Over the last 12 months, Simone and I have worked together delivering innovative one day "conscious inclusion" workshops for Generali across the globe. With colleagues from Steps he brings to life the unconscious biases that we all have in a way that is hugely credible and engaging. In addition, towards the end of the workshop, volunteers identify real, live conversations that they need to have with someone at work. They brief Simone who then plays out the situation with them. His improvisation is always superb, but even more importantly, he uses his coaching and facilitation skills - offering sound feedback and asking the right questions - to provoke real learning. Participants can get profound insights - and great ideas for things they can do to create better, more inclusive, relationships and outcomes.
Robin Schneider
Director at Schneider~Ross Ltd
Simone is a gifted actor and excellent activities facilitator. I have worked with him a few times with a fantastic attitude and amazing results. I highly recommend him.
Renato Mosca
8K, Luxury goods and retail specialist, Public Speaker, Leadership and Sales Training facilitator. Managing Director at Training Luxury
Through our work together, Simone really helped me clarify my thoughts and desires and brought to the surface the things that were truly important to me. He did this in terms of my relationships as well as my business, and we made great strides in developing my connection to the authentic side of the business I’ve set up. In particular, we did some great brainstorming around the business name and tagline and, as a result, I now have a clearer picture of the values I hold most highly. This has given me a strong direction to pursue in terms of the branding of the company and the aspirational aims and goals. Simone is very clear, calm and patient. He has a welcoming presence that speaks to one’s creative side. Incredibly encouraging and positive, I always looked forward to our sessions. He is also a fantastic listener and is deeply engaged in your success. The nurturing environment he created really put me at ease and fostered a lot of new ideas. His acting skills have been tremendous in creating his presence and some of the exercises we used. I would highly recommend Simone.
Mr Matteo T
(London, UK), Coaching client
Simone showed me the way through mirroring my habits and helping me find a solution by myself. I got my fourth promotion in the company where I work, and I owe it entirely to the work  I have done with Simone. I definitely recommend Simone to everyone.  He has a strong natural empathy, and he was able to make me see solutions where I did not imagine finding one.
MS Francesca G
(London, UK), Coaching client
Kapirum Consulting

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