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Funny enough, I came across these two articles at the same time. The topic is marriage.
“Pop star couples split the quickest”(The Sunday Times). “Communicating openly is key: the marriage lessons lockdown has taught us” ( titles the second article. The latter seems to confirm the contents of the former: “Unrealistic expectations created by these fairy-tale weddings, a failure to understand the work, commitment and compromise it takes to make a marriage work [..] may all play a part”.

Reading into the contents above, I came to the conclusion that the emotional reactions, perceptions, and beliefs experienced within a marriage are not so different from the same relationship dynamics that shape how we relate to one another when we are at work.

All people want to be loved and appreciated for who they are, whether in a romantic, familial or business relationship.
But what makes a difference is how we communicate those feelings and needs. If we are able to communicate openly and honestly we will be able to get a better understanding of ourselves, and others, enabling us to unlock our connections.

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